Molii Fishpond

Moli ‘ i Fishpond is located southeast of Kamehameha Highway between Kualoa and Johnson Roads, near Kaneohe , on the island of Oahu , in the US state of Hawaii . The pond encompasses 125 acres (50.59 ha , 0.20 sq mi ) The local is part of the ahupuaa (land division) of Hakipuu . The Molii pond is part of Kualoa Ranch . Tilapia , mullet and me are found in the pond. Commercial fishing operations are contracted out. [2]

Ancient Hawaiian fishponds were noted in the 1826 journal of William Ellis, the naturalist on James Cook’s Third Voyage (1776-1779): [3]

They [the Hawaiians] have numerous small lakes and ponds, which are often small and large in size.

-  William Ellis, Tour through Owhyee

Moli’i, along with Huilua , Kahaluu and He ‘ eia are the only four original Hawaiian fishponds remaining on Oahu . Fishponds were used by the ancient Hawaiians for ocean husbandry. Each pond has a set of slices that are controlled by the seawater for the fish in the pond for harvesting. Moli’i had five such sluices, and three of the sluices were still in place in 1972 when the pond was listed on the National Register of Historic Places listings in Oahu . This system of harvesting ocean wrestling was unique to Hawaii, and does not exist within other areas of ancient Polynesia. The 4,000 Feet (1,200 m) from which Kaneohe Bay dates back to the earliest Hawaiian settlement of the land, and is traditionally attributed to the Menehuneof Hawaiian mythology. The craftsmanship applied in the construction of the wall is similar to brickwork , in the gaps and crevices between the stacked stones and coral and smaller rocks. [4]

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Today’s Staradvertiser (7 June 2017) has an article on oysters in Pearl Harbor that says Moli’i fishpond’s most valuable money crop is now oysters.


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