Maggot farming

Maggot farming is the act of growing maggots for the industry. It is distinct from vermicomposting , which are not separate composting processes, and are distinct from worms (they also consume only flesh, not plant-based material).

Species used

A variety of species can be used, including the black soldier fly , [1] [2] and various other fly species. Due to convenience, fly species are often used in the area of ​​cultivation.

Method of cultivation

When using indigenous fly species, one tactic (employed by the Songhai Center in Benin) [3] is to simply dump offal or meat that has gone beyond the date of in concrete bins. The bins are then covered with chicken wire to prevent any large animals from being able to feed off it. Then, you will find the eggs on the offal and the meat, and the maggots hatch and consume it. After that, the bins are filled with water, so the maggots start to float (separating themselves from any leftovers). The past is more or less processed (eg, bones can be ground to bone meal, …).

Use of the maggots

The maggots are often sold and used as animal feed. Especially fish , chickens, pig, ducks [4] [5] It can also be sold as fishing bait.

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