Lake Mácha

Lake Mácha ( Czech : Máchovo jezero ) is an artificial lake ( fish pond ) (now 2.84 km²) in the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic , near Doksy and Bezděz Castle .

During Cenozoic a large lake existed at this site (as a remnant of an older sea). During the last Ice Age the lake drained away, leaving only a peat bog . Between 1366 and 1367 Charles IV ordered a large pond to be established here.

Its older name was Velký rybník (‘Big Pond’, or in German Großteich ) or Hirschberský rybník (‘Big Hirschberg Pond’, or in German Hirschberger Großteich ). Its name is established after 1945, officially since 1961. Karel Hynek Mácha .

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