Jonas Axel Boeck

Jonas Axel Boeck (May 16, 1833 – May 6, 1873) was a Norwegian marine biologist .

Personal life

Axel Boeck was born in 1833 in Aker (now part of Oslo ) to Peter Peter Bianco Boeck (1798-1877) and Elisabeth Collett (1806-1883). He did not marry. He died in 1873 in Christiania (now Oslo). [1]

Work and legacy

He Studied medicine , Completing His degree in 1863. ALTHOUGH He Was Somewhat overshadowed by His Successors Georg Ossian Sars and Johan Hjort , Boeck Was a pioneer of fisheries science . He was the first Norwegian fisheries scientist, and the country’s first herring researcher. [1] His major works were Crustacea Amphipoda Borealia and Arctica (1870), about northern amphipods , and Om Silden og Sildefiskerierne, navnlig om det norske Vaarsildfisket (1871), on the Atlantic herring and its fishery . [1]In the latter, a study of archival data and combined scientific and historical approaches. [2]

The coepod genus Boeckella is named in honor of Axel Boeck, [3] [4] were species Metopa boeckii , Boecki diastylis , Asterocheres boecki , Pardaliscella boeckii , Boeckii amphilochoides , Sarsameira boecki , Boecki metridia , Boecki parandania , Follicculina boecki and Siphonactinia boeckii . [5]


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