is a database created to store data is different isolates of fish pathogens and Their sequences. The Site Was lancé June 2009 with a database on Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus. [1] In spring 2010 the database Was extended with a section we Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus . [2]

The goal of the database is to provide a platform for sharing information and isolates of fish pathogens and their sequences. We encourage laboratories from all over the world to submit data of fish pathogens in their laboratory.

The database is funded by FP6-2004-Food-3-A project EPIZONE [3] and the European Commissions for the European Community Reference Laboratory for Fish Diseases . [4]


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  2. Jump up^ IHNV database under
  3. Jump up^ EPIZONE homepage
  4. Jump up^ Community Reference Laboratory for ArchivedFish Diseases2014-11-27 at the Portuguese Web Archive

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