Fisheries Research and Training Institute

The Fisheries Research and Training Institute is a research institution in Lahore , Pakistan. [1] with work in fisheries and aquaculture in Pakistan. Its role is to promote fisheries and aquaculture in the country. The Institute is divided into 7 sections: [2] Aquaculture, Biology and Ecology, Nutrition, Pathology and Disease, Chemistry, Fisheries Management, and Training.

The Institute is headed by the Director Fisheries (R & T), Punjab Lahore and headed by Deputy Director Fisheries, assisted by Assistant Director Fisheries.


Sr # name Designation Qualification Year Joined the Institute
1. Dr. Sikandar Hayat Director Fisheries PhD, M.Phil. Since 2008
2. Dr.Ehsan Mehmood Bhatti Deputy Director Fisheries PhD
3. Zahid Iqbal Rana Deputy Director Fisheries B.Sc.
4. Muhammad Azeem Ch. Deputy Director Fisheries B.Sc.
5. Aftab Zaheer Khan Deputy Director Fisheries B.Sc.
6. Manzoor Hussain Bhatti Assistant Director Fisheries B.Sc.
7. Abdul Rehman Makki Assistant Director Fisheries B.Sc.
8. Tariq Raheed Botanist M.Sc. Botany

Research activities

The institute conducts multidisciplinary research and training activities, with the main objectives in related areas under: [3]

  • A. Merits of various aquaculture systems and methods to improve production of commercially important species
  • at. Assessment of production potential with various levels of inputs in ponds.
  • b. Formulation of low cost balanced feed.
  • c. Breeding, selection and mass rearing.
  • d. Diseases and their prevention.
  • e. Pond engineering and water dynamics
  • f. Fish production as a component of an integrated farming system.
  • B. Biology and ecology of selected species of commercial importance
  • at. Studies on food, feeding, reproduction, spawning, life cycles and behavior of selected species.
  • b. Migration patterns of migrating species.
  • C. Post-harvest technology for fish
  • D. Management systems for lakes and reservoirs to improve fish production
  • E. Control of pollution as affecting naturally occurring fish population
  • F. Fisheries economics and marketing
  • G. Studies of the socio-economic conditions of fishermen and fish farmers


The institute organizes short and long term specialized training courses of a multidisciplinary nature covering the basic and applied aspects of Fisheries and Aquaculture for pre-service and in-service Fisheries personnel and private entrepreneurs. [4] These courses include:

  • Pre promotion course for Director Fisheries
  • Pre promotion course for Deputy Director Fisheries
  • Pre promotion course for Assistant Director Fisheries
  • Pre promotion course for Fisheries Research Assistant

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