Fish pond

fish pond , gold fishpond , is a controlled pond , artificial lake , gold tank That is stocked with fish and is used in aquaculture for fish farming , gold is used for recreational fishing gold ornamental for practical purposes. In the medieval European era it was typical for monasteries and castles (small, partly self-sufficient communities) to have a fish pond. Continue reading “Fish pond”

Molii Fishpond

Moli ‘ i Fishpond is located southeast of Kamehameha Highway between Kualoa and Johnson Roads, near Kaneohe , on the island of Oahu , in the US state of Hawaii . The pond encompasses 125 acres (50.59 ha , 0.20 sq mi ) The local is part of the ahupuaa (land division) of Hakipuu . The Molii pond is part of Kualoa Ranch . Tilapia , mullet and me are found in the pond. Commercial fishing operations are contracted out. [2] Continue reading “Molii Fishpond”

Kalepolepo Fishpond

Kalepolepo Fishpond , Known by ict older name Ko ‘ ie ‘ i.e. Loko I ‘ was , is an ancient Hawaiian fishpond Estimated to-have-been built entre 1400-1500 AD. The fishpond is located in Kalepolepo Park in Kīhei on the island of Maui . In 1996, the ‘ Ao ‘ ao O Na Loka I ‘ a Maui O (Association of the Fishponds of Maui) began renovating Ko ‘ ie ‘ i.e., working closely with the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary . [2] Continue reading “Kalepolepo Fishpond”

Kahaluu Fish Pond

Kahalu ‘ u Fishpond , historically known as Kahouna Fishpond , on Kāne ‘ ohe Bay in windward O’ahu , is one of only four surviving ancient Hawaiian fishponds on O ‘ ahu that were still in use in the 20th century. In the previous century there were at least 100 such fishponds around the island. Kahouna was in use until about 1960 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, [2] after which it would be destroyed by development. [3] The Kahaluu Taro Lo’i Historic District was also added to the National Register at that time. Continue reading “Kahaluu Fish Pond”

Huilua Fishpond

Huilua Fishpond , Ahupua ‘ s O Kahana State Park on Windward O’ahu , is one of the few surviving ancient Hawaiian fishponds that were still operating well into the 20th century. [3] It was declared a US National Historic Landmark in 1962, shortly after it was severely damaged by the 1960 tsunami . [4] It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on L: December 29, 1962. [1] Continue reading “Huilua Fishpond”