Bobs Farm, New South Wales

Bobs Farm is a sparsely populated rural suburb of the Port Stephens local government area in the Hunter Region of New South Wales , Australia . [2] [3] [4] It is on the main road between Newcastle and Nelson Bay and is a small, boutique style vineyards and wineries and a thriving aquaculture industry.


Bobs Farm is the first suburb of the Peninsula Tomaree when traveling towards Nelson Bay. It is bounded by Tilligerry Creek . A small part of the north-eastern end of the northern border meets Port Stephens . The southern border is entirely by Stockton Beach .


Most of the suburbs is on the main road, Marsh Road and Nelson Bay Road. Tin City, a collection of squatters is built on Stockton Beach near the border between Farm Bobs and Salt Ash .

Aquaculture industry

Bobs Farm is the center of a thriving, environmentally friendly, aquaculture industry that exports technology. In 2007 pioneering aquaculture technology, based around a recirculating system that is the only one in the world to provide consistent reproduction, was sold for the creation of six farms in the United States . As of 2007 , discussions were in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Tailor Made Fish Farms in 2007. [5] [5] [6] In addition to it being environmentally friendly and providing consistent results, the technology developed at Bobs Farmis expected to reduce capitalization costs. [7]


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