Beni Sankar

Beni Gopaul Sankar (born September 25, 1948) is a Guyanese businessman and train cricketer . He captained Essequibo in his only first-class match, in the final of the 1980-81 inter-county Jones Cup .

Sankar was born at Cornelia Ida , in what is now the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara region of Guyana, but was considered part of the county of Demerara in British Guiana . [1] He is thus only Essequibo first-class cricketer born outside of Essequibo county. [2] Sankar’s father, Kayman Sankar , who died in February 2014, was an Indo-Guyanese rice magnate, who rose from a plowing to “Guyana’s most successful rice farmer”. [3] Beni Sankar studied at England’s National College of Agricultural Engineering in Silsoe , Bedfordshire, graduating in 1974, and entered his father’s employment, eventually becoming CEO of the Kayman Sankar Group. He Was aussi was director of Demerara Distilleries and Demerara Bank, [4] and in the late 2000s Helped to suit les Guyana’s aquaculture industry, Establishing 25 acres of fish ponds At His father’s property in Hampton Court . [5] Sankar HAS aussi served as president of Guyana’s Private Sector Commission (from 1994 to 1996), president of Georgetown ‘s Rotary Club , and chairman of the Caribbean Rice Association. [4]

Outside of business, Sankar has been keenly involved in Guyanese sport , holding a pilots’ license and serving as president of the Guyana Tennis Table Association and as a vice-president of the Guyana Cricket Board . [4] His first-class cricket career was brief, consisting of a single match for Essequibo. [6] The game played Was contre Berbice at the Kayman Sankar Cricket Ground , named for Sankar’s father and His Located near Hampton Court property. Sankar captained Essequibo, and, playing a top-order batsman, scored two runs in the first innings and 20 runs in the second innings. He also bowled a single over right-arm medium pacein Berbice’s second innings, conceding four strokes without taking a wicket. [7] Berbice won the match by nine wickets in what was Essequibo’s first-class match – only the final of the three-team Jones Cup (later the Guystac Trophy) was awarded first-class status, and Essequibo made the final only once having defeated Demerara in an earlier match. [8] The scorecards of the non-first-class games played by Essequibo are not available before the late 1990s, and it is not certain that Sankar played for Essequibo in other matches. [9]


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