Aquaculture in Vanuatu

Aquaculture in Vanuatu exists on a small scale, both commercially and privately. Several aquacultural efforts have been made in the country, such as Pacific oyster , rabbitfish , Malaysian prawn , and tilapia . Experiments withKappaphycus alvarezii and three species of giant clam were carried out by the Fisheries Department in 1999. The official Fisheries Department records state that $ 1165 US in 2000, with 275 pieces in total. [1] The cultivation ofMacrobrachium lar in taro terracesis practiced for subsistence purposes, and Macrobrachium rosenbergii has been identified by the Vanuatu government as a high-priority species. [2]

There is little commercial or private sector aquaculture in Vanuatu. The Fisheries Department operates on a small hatchery for trochus shell (Trochus niloticus), producing juveniles which are used in experiments to study the impact and potential of re-seeding as a means of enhancement to wild trochus fishery. Snail (Turbo marmoratus) is also carried out. [1]

In mid-1999 the Fisheries Depart- ments carried out some spawning trials of three specieis of giant clams. In the same year the Department brought seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezi) from Fiji for some experimental culture. [1] On September 1, 2008, Vanuatu became the first Pacific Island country to have an aquaculture development plan and an Aquaculture and Fisheries Association. [3]

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